Our Story

Acaria Studio is a conscious fashion house dedicated to timeless elegance, structural beauty and boundless curiosity.

Founded in the spring of 2023 in Istanbul by Azize Ceylan and Elif Yavuz,  Acaria Studio is a contemporary fashion house that adorns women with understated elegance and soft-spoken aesthetics.

The brand envisions providing a flair of conscious fashion and intends to make space for one’s individuality to shine through with subtle tailoring details and high-quality materials. 

The creative duo behind the brand, weaves together elements that have inspired and influenced them over the years into a visual language heritage and respects the emotions that bring out soulful memories. As they grew up with clean bold lines of the 90’s and rooted in Mesopotamia, their shared passion for the ancient visual elements make the brand eclectic.

Acaria means ‘a guru who lightens the way’. We believe everyone is their own guru by making conscious choices, and we use fashion as a system that can work for higher consciousness by creating more sustainable possibilities for the universe. Our positioning as a studio reflects our commitment to being an ever-evolving fashion house and, moreso, a taste kitchen of experimentation for the self.

Here we will share our design, but most importantly our dreams and desires.

Welcome to the travelogue of Acaria Studio!  

Our Values

Care – Create Sustainable Designs

Soulful – Experience Joy & Peace

Flow – Trust Inner Wisdom

Collective – Act as One

Love- Live by Heart 

Design Philosophy

Acaria Studio is a conscious fashion house dedicated to timeless elegance, structural beauty and boundless curiosity. The brand specializes in simplicity and creates an all-time wardrobe with clean lines and a neutral color palette in classic silhouettes.

The brand's origin story revolves around the need to dress effortlessly, offering a wardrobe that stands longer, feels good, embodies natural and understated luxury, seamlessly blending day and night with its authentic style.

Bonding over personal style, Acaria Studio’s co-founders Azize and Elif share an affinity for the personalized touch and the role details play in enhancing garments with ancient spirit and bold lines of 90's what makes the brand eclectic and timeless.

As a purpose-driven brand, we believe fashion can be a system for higher consciousness through making better choices, and we feel responsible to create sustainable, durable, and timeless fashion items that can be worn for an extended period of time. And we promise to make conscious designs and sustain ethical relationships with human and earth.

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